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SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19) Update

With the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, everyone is affected. The Fuse Breakers want to contribute to help our front line health care workers. We have several projects in the pipeline. Our goal is to help the community using our engineer minds. (Also all senior facilities are on lockdown. We are no longer able to visit them. Summer cyber camp is a bust given current social distance climate. Robotic competition is also canceled. Suddenly we have a lot of free time)

The first one is a DIY disposable mask. It can be further upgraded with a N95 equivalent filter and sealed off with cloth tape. Disposable masks are easier to handle then trying to sanitize and recycle cloth masks. Click HERE to download the instruction. Fuse Breakers completed this project and distributed the information to the community on 3/22/20. Thank you Christian Brothers High School for helping us promote this information.

The second project is to improve on the aerosol block (Intubation) box used in the hospital to decrease risk of COVID-19 transmission to health care workers. The box is originally invented by Dr. Lai on 3/22/2020. Our team studied it and made improvement on it to specifically geared toward the American situation. By rapid prototyping, the team created a version 4 on 3/26/2020 that we believe is better for the US environment. Click HERE to download the instruction. Our design was selected by a Go Fund Me project to help protect health care workers in the state of Florida. It is also featured on the open source website

The third project is to create DIY face shields for first responders. The Sierra Valley Medical Society put out an urgent request for the community to provide masks for the first responders. Furse Breakers answered the call and created DIY face shields. Face shields were donated to the Asian Community Center and Carlton Senior Living Facility. Fuse Breakers then designed an improved face shield and donated to a cardiology group in New York, a pediatric group in Elk Grove, and a hospitalist group in Sacramento.

The fourth project is to create disposable gowns for the front line workers. The Fuse Breakers use everyday material to make gowns (painter’s plastic covers $1, hair curlers, scissors, and markers). First attempt was a spectacular failure as the gown was created with only one arm. Students are getting a crash course on basics of clothing design. Current version has strings to tighten the neck and back area, as well as a thumb holder (like a ski jacket). We are ready to mass produce at moments notice. Should there is a need in the community. Fortunately the Sacramento community hospitals only experienced a mild surge of COVID19 patients during the first phase. Local hospitals have no shortage of gowns.

With the robotic tournaments canceled, the boys are left with tons of unused electronics. Carter and Harrison recycled these parts to create remote monitor devices for nurse to monitor residents, who are in isolated rooms

DIY Face Shield

DIY Face Shield

The Sierra Valley Medical Society put out an urgent request for the community to provide masks for...

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