5/1/2020 UPDATE: FDA just approved its use!

New York hospitals are about to run out of ventilators. Many hospitals are also running low on personal protective equipment (PPEs).
Physicians are looking for ways to reduce risk of catching COVID-19 while caring for patient. Harrison and Hillary Chu looked at the aerosol block (intubation) box pioneered by Dr. Lai in Taiwan, who invented it on 3/22/2020. Using engineer process and rapid prototyping, Harrison and Hillary fabricated several version of the box and made improvements to it with each new version. On 3/26/020, 4 days after the original invention, they created version 4. It is featured on the Aerosol Block website. We are also honored to be participating in a Go Fund Me project supporting health care workers in Florida. Our finished product was approved for use at a local ICU unit. On 5/1/20, FDA approved it’s usage in the hospital.

Accommodates a larger patient body frame than traditional forms by expanding the width to 60 cm.
Accommodates additional operator’s anatomy and increases the operator’s range of motion by expanding the diameter of the hole from 10 cm to 14 cm.
Has an extra “lid” to increase the box’s structural integrity
Smooth edges where it may potentially have physical contact with the patient. SAFETY!
A pair of “wings” that functions as grab bars for easy transport.

<< Fuse Breaker’s final version of the aerosol block. Tested and approved by the ICU doctors